RepWatch Device

Take Control of Your Health.
IoT Technology.

Wearable Device

The RepWatch wearable can be worn on the wrist or ankle to measure and record physical activity. From counting reps during exercises to tracking range of motion, our device talks with the RepWatch mobile application to report this information straight to your phone. 


Repetition Counter

Track your repetitions in real-time just by wearing the device during your activity

Real-Time Feedback

Receive feedback in real time to maintain proper form and speed during each exercise

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect to the RepWatch Application via bluetooth to view movement statistics

Range of Motion

Wearable device automatically records range of motion

Embedded Algorithm

Unique algorithm to determine when which exercise is being performed

Multi Use Cases

Use the device during any physical activity to track movement data

Drives Motivation

Take control of your workout from beginning to end.

Increase your motivation by monitoring your movements to view progress.

Corrects Your Form

Understand proper form during your exercise and execute properly.

Real-time feedback will help you regain control of your movement.

Syncs Wirelessly

Connect directly with your recovery plan to maximize your efforts and optimize your workout.

One-touch set up process to sync your device.