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Improving results through innovation

The RepWatch platform and wearable device benefit all users involved in the rehabilitation process. Our solution is designed to increase patient engagement and empower users.

Our system effectively reduces recovery time by motivating patients to complete their daily exercises while tracking their progress.

The ability to connect with nearly any wearable device makes it easy for our solution to be implemented into existing rehabilitation and recovery programs.


Real-Time Analytics

Wearable device connectivity to show users how well they are performing their exercises

Functionality Algorithm

Unique algorithm to determine when you are functionally able to resume daily activities

Progress & Completion

Recovery plan completion statistics and progress analysis to show improvement

Rewards System

Built-in rewards system to increase motivation and provide tangible results for progress

Customizable Plan

Customizable recovery plan and calendar view for easy readability and user-friendly navigation

Exercise Demos

Exercise demonstration videos to display proper form and explain method of each assigned exercise

Clear Communication

Messaging portal for easy communication between healthcare providers and patients

Workout History

Saved data from previously completed exercises show statistics and records

Repetition Counter

Track your repetitions as you do them just by wearing the device during your activity

Real-Time Feedback

Receive feedback in real time to maintain proper form and speed during each exercise

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect the device to the application via bluetooth to view movement statistics

Range of Motion

Understand how your body is moving and what your range of motion is during each repetition

Information you’ve never had before

Real-time analytics and progress analysis drive patient motivation.

Speed of Repetitions

Progress Analysis

Range of Motion

Supported Wearables

RepWatch Band

Apple Watch

Android Wear

Pebble Watch

Expedite recovery!

Track your progress and expedite your recovery.

  • Stay on track with your plan

  • Complete your exercises on time

  • Take Control of Your Health

Rewards program

Receive rewards for completing your daily exercises

Motivation to Complete Your Plan

Benefits for Improving Your Health

Gift Certificates to Your Favorite Places

RepWatch mobile application

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