Insurance Companies

$30 billion lost
annually do to

workers being productive in the office

A comprehensive solution

Workers’ Compensation insurance companies suffer a loss when an injured employee extends their recovery time. Insurance companies should not have to pay additional indemnity and medical costs for patients who are not compliant.

With this in mind, we provide a comprehensive solution that keeps patients compliant, expedites recovery time, and saves insurance companies money throughout the process.

Do not comply
Total loss payments
Faster recovery

Substantially reduce costs

After implementation, our program expedites an injured worker’s recovery time leading to a faster return-to-work cycle.

This solution cuts costs by minimizing indemnity payments and medical services through increased patient compliance. 

increased patient compliance during physical therapy for worker's compensation patient
patient data during physical therapy

Injured worker recovery data in one simple place

Access recovery statistics and data collected through our wearable device during physical rehabilitation.

Closely monitor employee health improvements and functionality. Use quantitative data for estimates and ratings. 

Case Studies


$16.8 billion in total losses and expenses in California per year


The Los Angeles fire department averages $19 million per year on costs due to a worker being injured.

Los Angeles

Injury-leave program in Los Angeles has cost $328 million over the last five years.

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