Simplify the return
to work program

A comprehensive solution

Employers suffer from reduced productivity the longer an injured worker is out of work. Often, employers have the added costs of covering for injured workers by paying existing employees overtime. 

With this in mind, we provide a comprehensive solution that keeps injured workers on track with their recovery plan to expedite the return-to-work process.

Injured workers do not comply with treatment
Reduction of time off the job with program
Faster return-to-work rate with program

Ergonomic focus

After implementation, our program expedites an injured worker’s recovery time leading to a faster return-to-work cycle.

We emphasize the ergonomic focus because we understand the important of efficiency in the workplace environment

workers being productive in the office

Get your employees back to work faster

Keep injured workers on track with their recovery plan to help them recover efficiently.

Closely monitor employee health improvements and functionality. Stay connected throughout the process. 

Case Study

$16 Billion

$16.8 billion in total losses and expenses in California per year

$19 Million

The Los Angeles fire department averages $19 million per year on costs due to a worker being injured.

$328 Million

Injury-leave program in Los Angeles has cost $328 million over the last five years.

Contact us to learn more about how you can save money as an employer by improving the return-to-work program.